Peggy Kriha Dye (Cecilio) and Meghan Lindsay (Giunia)
From Opera Atelier's Production of 'Lucio Silla' — Photo by Bruce Zinger

Tara Norman (Mary Poppins) Chats with Children from the Audience
Friday November 20, 2015




Monday June 13, 2016

David Bradstreet with Steve Abrams at the Foursquare Church

David Bradstreet's sense of humour was obvious from the outset. A little off-colour, slightly risque, laced with more than passing eye for the absurd and completely engaging are all descriptions that fit.

Saturday May 7, 2016

Theatre Sarnia: The Music Man

Dave Mitchell owned the stage during his speaking moments. His charisma and charm made understanding how the population of a town could fall under the influence of the "spell-binder" they labelled the character of 'Harold Hill' as, very easy.

Monday April 18, 2016

Record Store Day at the Cheeky Monkey Featuring the Borderlite Trio

This clip below was shot at the Lawrence on on Monday April 11, 2016 from the inaugural night for their Open Stage Series. It's an original song and a good one.

Saturday April 9, 2016

Theatre Sarnia: Kitchen Witches

What resonates most frequently throughout this play is how wonderfully concise this play remains while dishing out curves when the audience expects fastballs.

Friday April 8, 2016

Opera Atelier: Lucio Silla; A Masterpiece Disguised as the Dreaded Opera Seria

The singing in this production is phenomenal, but that's only part of why it succeeds so well. The casting of voice types and the abilities of the singers chosen to create the empathy needed for the psychological journey of an opera seria to unfold well is impeccable to the point of being immaculate.

Sunday April 3, 2016

Nic Swales: April's First Friday at the Cheeky Monkey

Nic's approach is one where the instrument(s) and vocal each have an expression appropriate for a soloist. His guitar style combines extraordinary amounts of lead picking between rhythmic chords placed to adhere to his time signature.

Thursday March 31, 2016

Jacklyn Wills: A Young Artist to Watch

Some aspiring young musicians are worth watching and Jacklyn Wills is among them. This Dresden based performer already writes some of her own material.

David Bradstreet
'May You Never'
From the Winterfolk Blues & Roots Festival, Black Swan, Toronto, February 15, 2014

Video by Randall Stafford Cook

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