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Meghan Lindsay as Alcina with Artists of Atelier Ballet
From Opera Atelier's Production of

Photo by Bruce Zinger

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Monday October 27, 2014

Review of Opera Atelier's Production of 'Alcina' added …

Soprano Mireille Asselin immersed herself in the role of 'Morgana' as completely if it had been written specifically for her. Her tapestry of vocal shadings combined with effortless seeing agility made her portrayal of the captivating vixen intoxicating …

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Monday October 27, 2014

Review of Theatre Sarnia's Production of 'Catch Me If You Can' added …

Despite this being such an ensemble piece everything seemed to home in on the character of FBI agent 'Karl Hanratty'. Adam Miller's portrayal literally made this guy the perfect "flatfoot" whose heart of gold rises slowly to the surface. Miller's comic delivery and mannerisms were flawless, always in character and delightfully over the to …

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Tuesday October 14, 2014

Performance Review of 'Falstaff' added …

The focal point of this production comes together around three singers, Robert Carsen's Directing and Verdi's magically playful score …

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Sunday October 12, 2014

Performance Review of 'Madama Butterfly' Featuring The Second Cast added …

Kelly Kaduce was stellar in the part of the tragic 'Cio-Cio San'. That was especially true of the second act, which she literally owned …

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Monday October 6, 2014

The Indecisive and Kathy Shortt performing for Sarnia's October First Friday Celebration

Remember an old radio show called "Chicken Man"? No? It was satire and the introduction led with awed cries of "He's everywhere! He's everywhere"! The same could be said of the musical talent that was out and about to help celebrate Sarnia's First Friday this month. …

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Monday October 6, 2014

Review of Orchestra London's Masterworks Opening Night Show, 'Dvořák and Brahms' addded …

Kevin Mallon's attention to dphrasing through the opening of Dvořák's Cello Concerto emphasized the qualities that led an acerbic New York critic to describe the composer's New World Symphony as sounding like the work of the "loneliest Czech in New York City". Cynicism aside, his music frequently carries the sense of an individual's isolation …

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Friday September 12, 2014

Review of Diversion Entertainment's Production of 'Tape' added …

Diversion Entertainment's production of 'Tape' by Stephen Belber is a lot funnier and a lot more fun to watch than people might think …

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Saturday September 6, 2014

The Element of Surprise Project at The Cheeky Monkey for Sarnia's September First Friday Celebration

It's hard to think of surprises when sets feature some of the most well known music from the late 1960's and the 1970's but they managed it. 'While My Guitar Gently Weeps' …

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Tuesday August 25, 2014

Review of The Performance at the Gen Y Event by Mike Blackmore, Chris Molyneaux and Sue Webber …

"Wow!" may not be the best word for starting a review but it's the one best suited to what went on at the Mike Weir Park earlier this evening …

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Friday August 8, 2014

Review of Diversion Entertainment's Production of 'Next To Normal' added …

Henri Canino practically ran away with this show. More on that later. From the ground up Diversion Entertainment's production of 'Next To Normal' is a piece of music theatre that excels on all levels …

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Saturday August 2, 2014

Mike Blackmore, Dan Martin and Chris Molyneaux at The Cheeky Monkey for Sarnia's August First Friday Celebration

Fun and electricity are the first words that came to mind describing this. Spontaneity, energy and passion find their way into the wording pretty quickly too. What the mix of Mike Blackmore, Dan Martin and Chris Molyneaux added up to was a huge amount of fun, for everyone on both sides of the instrument …

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Canadian Opera Company Press Releases






Thursday October 30, 2014

COC Makes Return Visit to the Prestigious Brooklyn Academy of Music This Spring with Semele

Toronto – The Canadian Opera Company is proud to be invited to present the U.S. premiere of Zhang Huan’s theatrically transcendent production of Handel’s Semele at the world-renowned Brooklyn Academy of Music in March 2015. The COC’s presentation of Semele at BAM is directed by Zhang with distinguished British conductor and Baroque opera expert Christopher Moulds leading the critically acclaimed COC Orchestra and COC Chorus. Semele is scheduled at the Howard Gilman Opera House (30 Lafayette Ave., Brooklyn, NY) for four performances only – March 4, 6, 8 and 10, 2015.

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Tuesday October 28, 2014

Press Release for an Overview of the Canadian Opera Company's 2013 - 2014 Season: Artistic Highlights, Attendance and Fundraising Growth

Toronto – Today at the Canadian Opera Company’s Annual General Meeting, the company reported on its artistic highlights, impressive endowment growth, growing attendance and subscription figures, and a general financial overview of the 2013/2014 season …

On a personal note, one things that's hardly ever mentioned when assessing the cost of the arts is how much benefit businesses benefit from their presence. Money is spent in the places that are around them when people attend a performance. That wouldn't be happening if they were sitting at home.

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