Krisztina Szabó as the Woman

From the COC's May 2015 production of 'Erwartung'

Photo by Michael Cooper

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Monday July 13, 2015

The Victoria Playhouse Petrolia's Production of 'From the Heart — Women of Country'

Every one of the ladies who appear in this production would easily be worth seeing on their own. Watching them together was like seeing a supergroup where everything did click.

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Tuesday June 9th

Music in Sarnia Over Artwalk Weekend June 6 & 7, 2015: Mike Blackmore, Chris Molyneaux and Erika and Sara's Band

It's hard to say exactly where their musical weekend began. Chris was scheduled to begin at Maran's but a photo shows Mike joined him there. The first place I watched them was in front of the Cheeky Monkey and they were great.

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Monday June 8, 2015

Dressed To Kill at the Cheeky Monkey for Sarnia's First Friday Celebration

The band, 'Dressed To Kill', meshed quickly however and, once into B.B. King's song, their focus on that took over. They relaxed and very quickly began playing with the confidence of people who'd worked together for ages.

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Monday June 8, 2015

Send a Kid to Summer Music Camp: The Playfair Fundraiser

The first hour showed that somebody had a good ear when they selected the lineup of bands to take the stage at the Fundraiser for Playfair Music's Summer Camp.

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Friday May 29, 2015

Mike Blackmore and Chris Molyneaux on The Patio at Dockside

Another thing that added to the atmosphere was the humour Mike added between and (a few times) during songs. One line he slipped in that the author didn't write (at least not in the published version) had to do with "wanting to fertilize your eggs".

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Saturday May 23, 2015

Review of Theatre Sarnia's production of 'Spamalot'

The "Knights" of the Round Table were cast and played to perfection. Phil Bedard and Craig Gander's performances as 'Sir Belvedere' and 'Sir Bors' were the most straight-laced character portrayals of the lot and they balanced the absurdities displayed by the rest nicely.

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Sunday May 17, 2015

Mike Blackmore and Chris Molyneaux at Dockside added to the 'Sarnia Sings' Section

The tentative feeling that resulted from trying to keep from tripping over each other during the first set was a thing of the distant past at the beginning of their second one. The music literally came out of the gate with the force of Chariots in a race during the time of ancient Rome.

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Tuesday May 12, 2015

Thoughts on The Sisters of Soul's Live Music Cafe for May 2015 with Guest Mike Blackmore

Thinking of the lustrous polish that goes on an absolutely beautiful piece of wood and causes people to feel they're seeing the entire history that tree experienced up to that precise moment is a good comparison for the way the Sisters of Soul have come back together together since going through a number of personnel changes last fall.

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Monday May 11, 2015

Review of The Canadian Opera Company's Double Biill of 'Bluebeard's Castle' and 'Erwartung'added …

Krisztina Szab— gave a riveting performance as 'The Woman' in their staging of Arnold Schoenberg's 'Erwartung'. The mezzo-soprano's exemplary timing in her vocal delivery and use of physical gestures depicted a personality that was completely vulnerable, almost pathetic at times, yet always in command of an immeasurable amount of dignity.

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Wednesday May 6, 2015

Review of 'Gloryland' by Bill King added …

The first impressions from 'Harlan County Shakedown' are of honky-tonk or boogie-blues flavoured piano playing. The 'Gambler & The Riverboat Queen' employ a different selection of spices while leaving the essential flavour intact. It's only with the title track that a complete about turn happens.

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'Monday April 27, 2015

Review of Bill King's CD 'Cinemascope' added …

This disc had my full attention immediately. It wasn't solely because of Bill King's playing, the compositions, recording quality or any one thing that could be pointed to; it was everything about what came through the speakers.

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Saturday April 25, 2015

Review of Monica Chapman's Performance at the Lula Lounge and CD Release Party added …

The hour that followed was a musical feast. They played the music from the CD and because of time constraints couldn't add anything but what they did was more than enough. The CD wasn't just performed live Ń it came to life. There's a big difference.

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